China-DRC South-South Cooperation Project Expert Team Holds Training and Exchange Activity


On March 10, China-DRC South-South Cooperation (SSC) project expert team held a training and exchange activity in Lubumbashi- Huayou-DRC Demonstration Park. The activity was held to demonstrate China’s agriculture technologies to DRC, to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation and promote the project. The activity was presided over by Mr. Wei Xiangxin, head of the expert team. Mr. Marcel NDOKO, head of FAO Representative Office in Lubumbashi delivered a speech. 107 representatives participated, including representatives from FAO, Lubumashi Tabora Cultural Training Center, local farm and famer’s cooperatives, universities as well as peasant and skilled farmers from rice pilot villages.


At the site of the activity 

Mr. NDOKO introduced the general information of China-DRC SSC Project and highly appreciated the efforts by the expert team. Mr. Wei displayed the effects and progress for the past six months since the initiation of the project, highlighting on contrast experiments of rice varieties held around Lubumbashi. Mr. Wei also answered questions. Then the expert team showed the participants the production area of rice, millet, vegetable and livestock in the Demonstration Park. 


Expert Rao Daheng introduces rice cultivating technologies

Expert Wei Xiangxin introduces millet cultivating technologies  


  Technician Huang Peng introduces vegetable growing technologies

Participants were amazed by the study tour. “I’ve never seen upland rice cultivation. When I saw the upland rice grew by Chinese experts, I was amazed they grew goods well and I hope the Chinese experts can teach us how to grow upland rice in our community.” said Emma KAHENGA, farmer representative from Mukulubwe rice pilot area.

“The government of DRC should introduce light upland rice cultivation technologies and ‘adaptable and fast grown’ crops such as millet. Chinese upland rice and millet should be popularized to promote food security.” said Mouyi, graduate student from University of Lubumbashi.

“Now that the micro vegetable program is fully funded, I hope that Chinese experts could come to surrounding areas to provide guidance in growing vegetable.” said John MUTUNDA, expert from FAO.

“I’m honored to work at the Demonstration park, and I’m happy to see the huge effects made by the agricultural technologies promoted by Chinese experts. It raises hope to develop agriculture and achieve food security here.” said Arnaud LUELA, farm engineer at a television interview.

According to Mr. NDOKO, the success of this activity would greatly promote the next stage of the SSC project. Several farmers invited Chinese experts to their farms for production guide at the activity.

The activity was greatly supported by Huayou Cobalt Co. Ltd who provided location, equipment and food for the training. The Radio and Television Stations of The National Channel did a live coverage.


Technician Zhu Wangze introduces soybean cultivating technologies


Expert Jin Xiangyun on television interview




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