Brief Reports on China-FAO South-South Cooperation Programme


bg大游娱乐date: 2017-04-13  source: fecc


south-south cooperation program in d.r. congo carried out steadily

bg大游娱乐 I. Rice Varieties Screening Tests in DRC Began to See Good Results

bg大游娱乐 II. Expert Group Provided Technical Guidance and Carried out Research

III. The Completion of the Practical Manual on Agriculture Technology


iv. the progress of agriculture demonstration park

bg大游娱乐 1. Rice Varieties Screening Tests in DRC Began to See Good Results

bg大游娱乐authorized by the drc ministry of agriculture, expert group of china-drc south-south cooperation program was responsible for the pnr jica-inera rice varieties screening tests. the expert group evaluated the adaptability and productivity of rice varieties and then promoted the varieties with high quality. the first 6 varieties (arica 2, nerica-l14, arc 37-16-1-5-g, giza 182, ir64 and hube16) were provided by drc ministry of agriculture. to ensure smooth process of the test, mr. marcel ndoko, head of fao representative office in lubumbashi, held a meeting with the experts and drc delegates to set the work plan. this test was led by three chinese experts, namely, wei xiangxin, rao daheng and li yuhao and joined by technical staff from drc. chinese experts chose four experiment sites based on overall considerations of soil, irrigation, climate and farmers’ attitudes. the four sites were: ferme chad, kikonke village, mukulubwe village and sapwe village.

bg大游娱乐 With reference to China’s rice varieties test standards and combined with the local conditions, this test randomly arranged the growing areas of the six varieties, making sure that each variety was planted in three areas. Each area occupied an area of 16㎡(4m×4m). Between each area, there’s a 0.5m-wide path left for the test group, and protection around each area was provided. (process would be adjusted according to actual situation)

bg大游娱乐 Due to the fact that the DRC side didn’t provide seeds and relevant materials on time, the field test got started in mid-January, 2018. Chinese technologies were fully utilized in seed treatment, soaking, germination, dividing planting pieces of land, dry-bed nursery, plastic tray seedling, land preparation, transplanting and seedling stage management. Each step was demonstrated first by Chinese experts, and then taught to farmers. Local farmers were eager to learn Chinese technologies for the first time. The village head Serge Kitalu said: “We warmly welcome Chinese experts. We grow rice every year, but the yields are always low. We hope, through this test, we can form a set of advanced and practical techniques that fits our local conditions. Under the guidance of Chinese experts, the rice seedlings in four experimenting sites demonstrated features of green leaves, thick stalks and flourishing roots.


bg大游娱乐chinese experts taught the locals how to soak seeds in mukulubwe village and how to sow in sapwe village.

Chinese experts taught the locals to raise rice seedlings in Kikonke village and to transplant in Mukulubwe village.

2. Expert Group Provided Technical Guidance and Carried out Research

bg大游娱乐 On March 1st, expert Mr. Zou Deliang and technician Mr. Shi Menglong, together with partner from DRC Mr Tshilayi, visited Mak and Boaz farm and provided technical guidance for the aquaculture development. After examining the equipment and learning the basic situation of Mak farm, Mr. Zou offered suggestions on how to improve the tilapia farming. According to Mr. Zou, first, the farm needed to expand the fishpond to increase its overall capacity and the number of tilapia per unit area. Second, the farm should build a sedimentation tank so as to enhance the liquidity of water which would be conducive to the tilapia’s growth. What’s more, advices were also offered on the Clarias gariepinus raising in Boaz farm. First, male and female parent fishes should be kept separate to avoid premature birth and reduced spawning. Second, the farm should stimulate the parent fishes with running water each morning and evening and feed more to speed up the growth. Third, the farm also need to observe frequently in case that the female fishes were unable to reproduce as a result of overgrowth. These advices were highly appreciated by the partners from DRC and farmers.

bg大游娱乐 On March 12th, experts Jin Xiangyun and Zou Deliang, together with delegate from DRC Mr. Mubuyi carried out a survey on the poultry farming and its market in Lubumbashi. With regard to the low-level farming skills and lack in veterinary drugs, the experts decided to provide technical assistance to two farms including Laomie by ways of offering on-site instructions and free veterinary drugs. They also planned to invite local farmers and technical staff to visit and get trained in the demonstration park. Meanwhile, the experts would cooperate with Huayou Cobalt company DRC brunch to provide infant poultry to farmers for free, hand out technical manuals and offer guidance regularly. In this way, they hoped to strengthen the farmers’ business, increase their revenue and improve their livelihoods. 

bg大游娱乐 Chinese experts provided advices and veterinary drugs to the Laomie farm.

bg大游娱乐 3. The Compilation of the Practical Manual of Agriculture Technology

bg大游娱乐 The compilation of Practical Manual of Agriculture Technology by the expert group was finished. The manual is currently being translated into English. This book reflects the rich experience of Chinese experts and integrates the local conditions. It collected various practical and operable technologies including planting, aquiculture, livestock husbandry and agriculture machinery. 3000 copies will be printed and handed out extensively so as to help farmers improve their business

4. the progress of agriculture demonstration park

(1) Rice cultivation team

① Conducting Chinese rice varieties experiments and providing technical demonstration.

bg大游娱乐 First, the team carried out contrast experiments on 15 Chinese hybrid rice varieties and compared the results with DRC local variety Jasmine. Second, the team conducted contrast experiments on 8 Chinese regular rice varieties, and compared the results with DRC local variety Moponga. Third, the team did experiment to find out the differences on transplanting density by setting three different planting spaces: 6×6 inch, 6×7 inch, and 6×8 inch. Fourth, in terms of the type Y high-quality rice variety, the team demonstrated on seedling throwing transplantation and did experiment on Glutinous rice. All the rice seeds involved in these experiments were provided by Huayou Cobalt company DRC brunch. Currently, the rice was flourishing and entered the ear differentiation stage.

Seedling throwing transplantation demonstration and Glutinous rice planting.

bg大游娱乐② organizing on-site observation and technical demonstration activities

According to different production seasons, the demonstration park cooperated with the FAO office in Lubumbashi to organize field observation and hold technical demonstration activities for the partners from Haut-Katanga Province, technical staff, directors in the Lubumbashi area, faculties in the University of Lubumbashi.

bg大游娱乐up till now, several demonstration activities have been held including two dry-bed nursery and plastic tray seedling demonstration, one rice seedlings raising and transplanting demonstration and one transplanting, throwing transplantation demonstration and variety comparative test field observation. over 200 people participated in these activities. in this way, the local farmers could have access to chinese practical rice growing technology. mr. marcel ndoko, head of fao representative office in lubumbashi, said that such activities should be held more often to bring technologies and benefits to the local people.

bg大游娱乐 Yao Daheng taught dry-bed nursery, plastic tray seedling technologies

Mr. Marcel Ndoko in the rice field

bg大游娱乐③ improving rice field management

After transplanting, the focus should be turned to rice field management. The technologies adopted included: first, comprehensively check the rice seedlings in the field, making sure that the seedlings were adequately planted. As for the rice seedlings sabotaged by animals, farmers should replace them with new ones in time. In terms of the seedlings in the uneven field, farmers should carefully examine and ensure the seedlings were properly planted. Second, the field should adopt scientific fertilization. In accordance with the principle of balanced fertilization, farmers should timely apply of tillering fertilizer. The third measure is chemical weeding by using powder and EC liquid which mixed with water or liquid herbicide spraying. The fourth is reasonable irrigation. The filed should be appropriately irrigated at different stages by means of frequent irrigation, slow water flow and leaving enough time for field drying. Fifth, strengthen the prevention and control of pests and diseases. According to the diagnosis of pests and diseases in the field, timely adopt measures to control snout moth's larva and rice blast.

bg大游娱乐④ establishing a rice seedling profile

bg大游娱乐 After the rice entering the tillering stage, farmers need to record the growing information of over 30 varieties in the field once or twice a week including the leaf number, tillering details, plant types, leaf color. A profile should be kept for detailed information of rice varieties.

bg大游娱乐⑤ carrying out dry-bed nursery demonstration

Currently, the rice in dry-bed nursery experiment fields is growing well. The rice planted on November 26 last year has done earing. The field planted on November 10 last year has entered differentiation stage, reaching 11.6 leaf per plant on average. In addition, the conventional varieties promoted in large field has entered jointing stage, achieving 12.1 leaf per plant on average. In field management, the field should be fertilized with low intensity and high frequency considering the permeability of the soil. When the seedlings developed 3-4 leaf, the stems and leaves were weeded and the vicious weeds were removed timely. On February 11, measures were taken to prevent from the aphids, cnaphalocrocis medinalis and chilo suppressalis.

bg大游娱乐 Li Yuhao introduced dry-bed nursery to partners

bg大游娱乐⑥ demonstrating millet planting

Last November, Zhangjiakou Academy of Agricultural Science provided 2 conventional millet varieties to the expert team, namely, millet No. 16 and No. 4170.

Wei Xiangxin examined the millet growth

At present, the millet field covers an area of 5.8 mu, mainly divided into two parts. Contrast experiments between 2 varieties was held in a 2-mu field. The experiments compared the features of the two varieties that were planted in different time (late November, middle December, late December, middle January and early February). The experiments compared the features of the two varieties that were planted with different methods (direct seeding and transplanting). The experiments aimed to compare the millet growth with that in China so as to find out the best seeding season and the possibility of seeding millet with 2 harvests around the rainy season.
bg大游娱乐 In the 3.8-mu field, the millet was broadly planted without spraying the herbicides in advance. Farmers later checked the seedlings coverage and strengthened management, the millet was recovering and steadily growing. The two varieties performed well in general despite a few changes in the growth.

bg大游娱乐⑦ improving field management of maize and soy beans

bg大游娱乐 Maize is in the grain filling stage and field management is necessary. The following measures are mainly adopted: first, foliage dressing should be done regularly. Second, comprehensive prevention and control of pests and diseases should be carried out. The group of experts visited the maize field many times to investigate diseases causes and find out insects in order to timely get rid of the diseases. The measure included spraying pesticide several times to prevent from pests as well as the hollowing-out of maize. Currently, the maize is growing well and the estimated yielding is 600 kilogram per mu. In the middle of the bean’s growth, the experts found out there was serious weeds problem after several surveys in the field. After spraying herbicide, the team removed the left weeds manually. As a result, the weeds problem has been basically brought under control.

Zhou Weigang checked the maize growth    Zhou Weigang shared experience on soy bean field management

(2) vegetable team

bg大游娱乐 ① Implementing trial planting of new varieties

This year, Huayou Cobalt company DRC brunch introduced 24 new vegetable varieties from China and western countries. Experts carried out trial planting on these varieties. According to the trail planting, varieties from China including the heat-resisting pepper Xianyan 5, green wax gourd, cabbage and Chinese cabbage as well as radish from Korea performed well with high yielding and quality and great adaptability. These vegetable varieties have been chosen as the main varieties in the park.

pepper harvest

bg大游娱乐 ② Increasing yielding with innovative cultivation patterns

with innovative cultivation patterns such as soil improvement, seedling optimization, reasonable planting density, and a set of anti-pest measures, good results have been achieved. The wax gourd has an average production of 117 ton per hectare, realizing a 40% increase than the those planted in regular pattern. The wax gourd weighs 20 kilogram on average and the biggest one weighs up to 36 kilogram.

bg大游娱乐 wax gourd harvest

③ developing off-season vegetable planting

bg大游娱乐 12 off-season vegetable varieties were planted. By means of adopting decomposed organic fertilizer, unfolding black plastic film and growing seedlings in nutritional boxes, these vegetables had greater yielding and less diseases and set a precedent for the off-season vegetable planting. Though the production cost was slightly high; the selling price would largely increase and the expected economic gains were high.

bg大游娱乐3. livestock husbandry team

bg大游娱乐 ① Meeting the goal of ensuring the pig reproduction

In order to meet the goal of selling 600 live pigs this year, efforts should be made to increase the reproduction and survival rate. Since the beginning of this year, the team has optimized the feed formula so as to improve nutritional status of the female pigs. After giving birth, the pigs tend to become anorectic and thus unable to produce sufficient milk for feeding. To deal with this, the team adopted intravenous infusion and other comprehensive treatment to ensure nutrition and regular feeding. At the same time, by adding milk powder and glucose to the porkets’ milk replacer, the normal growth of porket can be guaranteed. By the end of March, the total number of piglets reached nearly 200 with over 96% survival rate, which laid a solid foundation for meeting the annual goal.

Jin Xiangyun gave transfusion treatment to pigs

② Exploring new types of farming

According to researches, the local area enjoys abundant resources of honey and high-quality meat pigeons. The demands for honey and pigeons were large. The team utilized abandoned seaworthy wooden cases to build beehive and cages for pigeons and organized the expert team and staff to catch bees in the open air. Currently, they have gathered 5 boxes of bees. In addition, the team introduced and raised ten pairs of local pigeons. Through this method, they hoped to gain experience and explore new types of farming.

bg大游娱乐 Huang Jimin collected bees in the field

4. agricultural machinery team

bg大游娱乐 To solve the machinery shortage problem, technician Feng Yuhui set a plan for making simple machines. This plan has been acknowledged by the FAO Representative Office in Lubumbashi and launched a program for it. According to the plan, the machines included electronic corn thresher, hand-driven corn thresher, planter, fruit picker, Chinese hoe and kitchen stove. Currently, the sample of hand-driven corn thresher, planter, fruit picker, Chinese hoe were made, and other machines were in the design.


Feng Yuhui provided guidance to local people on examining and maintaining the diesel engine 
bg大游娱乐 Self-made fruit picker and hand-driven corn thresher

in addition, feng yuhui provided assistance to other teams to ensure smooth progress of their work, including making anti-skid wheels and repairing rotary cultivator for the rice planting team, repairing cart and trough for the husbandry team, repairing planter and sprayer for the dry-bed nursery team and repairing tractor, diesel engine and water pump for the vegetable team.


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