Brief Reports on China-FAO South-South Cooperation(2018(5))(No.243 in total)


Foreign Economic Cooperation Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China

bg大游娱乐July 30, 2018


bg大游娱乐The DRC projects in dry farming and agricultural machinery is receiving results

bg大游娱乐I. Experiments in dry farming promote local agricultural development

bg大游娱乐II. Machinery expertise promotes innovative agricultural production


bg大游娱乐I. Experiments in dry farming promote local agricultural development

Soybeans and corns are two major dry farming in Lubumbashi, related to local farmers’ livelihood. Last year in October, based on local conditions, the expert group carried out experiments on the production of the two crops using different patterns in different seasons. After painstaking efforts and technology improvement, it has achieved positive results.

1. The production experiment in the Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park of Huayou.

bg大游娱乐The Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park of Huayou, possesses a favorable condition for agricultural production, considering the agricultural machines equipped in the park. However, due to the insufficiency of technical expertise, they largely remained unused. The production of corns and soybeans was still dominated by manual work. Regarding this problem, the expert group conducted experiment in modern agricultural production mode, in order to make full use of the agricultural machines. As a result, mechanized operation is adopted throughout the process, from cultivation, sowing, fertilization and harvesting. Besides, in dealing with the weeds, it is controlled by using herbicide (aqua Acetochlor) before emergence and assisted with some manual weeding in later stage. The production pattern based on mechanized operation and chemical weeding greatly increased production efficiency and reduced the labor intensity. And at the same time, it saves seeds, fertilizer and manual work, as well as raising the germination rate. The average yield of 50 mu of corn reached 665 kg, while 55 mu of soybean is 230 kg.


Expert Zhou Weigang and technician Zhu Wangze was sowing corns               Harvesting corn


Demonstration of soybean production

bg大游娱乐The modern production mode and its positive result in the demonstration park by the expert group have been highly spoken of by the Coordinator of the Ministry of Agriculture, Azama, and the Procuratorate of the Provincial Department of Agriculture. They asked for the specific records of production and hoped that the expert group could give technical guidance to large and medium-sized private farms in DRC.

2. The production experiment in the surrounding areas.

bg大游娱乐The success of the corn and soybean production experiment in the Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park of Huayou encourages the expert group to expand their testing scale, so as to promote the livelihood of the surrounding famers through technical assistance. Seeing the fruitful results by the expert group, the business partner in DRC could hardly wait to request the experts to guide its farmers in soybean production. According to the arrangement of the FAO office in Lubumbashi, the expert group was to conduct field investigation of Bunkeya, Luambo and Matafu, the three nearby villages, on May. The condition in these villages is quite different from that in the demonstration park. Therefore, considering the local conditions, the expert group adopted the traditional production pattern. They first conducted a trial planting in small area (2 mu in Bunkeya, 1 mu each in Luambo and Matafu), and then expanded production after gaining abundant experience. The Chinese experts demonstrated on the spot the technical essentials of ploughing, leveling fields, fertilizing, sowing (including sowing in drill and bunch planting), the thickness of the covering soil, row spacing and sowing amount, and trained altogether 240 local farmers. Up till now, the soybeans in the three trial plots grow quite well, and the expert group is giving more guidance and try to collect more data, laying the foundation for the large-scale planting.


Expert Zhou Weigang was teaching soybean planting in Bunkeya

bg大游娱乐 Teaching soybean planting in Luambo

bg大游娱乐II. Machinery expertise promotes innovative agricultural production

Sharp tools make good work. It’s evident that farm machinery will significantly increase the efficiency and quality of agricultural production. However, in DRC where agricultural and rural development is still in its early stage, those machinery is hardly applied. During the year, the expert group consisting of farm machinery technicians like Feng Yuhui innovatively worked out a way for the application of agricultural machinery that is suitable to the local conditions.

In the workshop of the demonstration park, they made use of waste materials and designed hand-driven maize sheller, soybean and sorghum thresher, fruit picker, plant transplanter, hog rack, piglet feeder, piglet castration rack, anti-slip pulley for micro-tillage machine, manual feed pellet machine, etc. Though these farm implements were basic ones, there were simple and useful. They have evident advantages in reducing working intensity, promoting production efficiency and improving quality, which cater to the condition of local agricultural production.


bg大游娱乐Hog rack                                                                    piglets castration shelf


piglet feeder            diesel engine operation and precautions field training

pellet feed processor

bg大游娱乐 anti-slip pulley for micro-tillage machine                    hand-driven maize sheller, flail, fruit picker

bg大游娱乐The agricultural machinery designed by Feng Yuhui was welcomed by all professional teams in the expert group. With the deepening exchanges between the expert group and local partners, Feng’s farm machinery has also entered into the surrounding areas, becoming more and more popular among the local farmers. At present, the project funds have been put in place, the FAO representative office in DRC has purchased a number of agricultural machinery processing equipment, tools and materials for the expert group and will build three production workshops around Lubumbashi of which Likasi workshop has been built completely. Feng expressed that we should make every effort to provide more agricultural machinery in higher quality for the project implementation and local farmers, and make more contributions to the agricultural development of DRC.


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