Tu Wentao Inspects China-Congo (Kinshasa) South-South Cooperation Project


bg大游娱乐Tu Wentao, Minister-Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), led an inspection delegation to visit Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park of Huayou Cobalt Industry, a South-South cooperation project site in Katanga, DRC on November 22, 2018 and received warm welcome from the expert team of the project.

Wei Xiangxin, head of the panel, reported to Minister-Counselor Tu the implementation of the project. Agricultural production and revenue have increased since last August with the help from the panelists, who cooperated with local partners to carry out demonstration experiment in such areas as rice planting, dry farming, vegetable growing, botanical protection, animal husbandry, aquaculture and agricultural machinery at the Demonstration Park (the base of the project), built new demonstration sites in the surrounding area, visited villages and rural households and offered villagers on-site technical training. The professionalism of the Chinese experts and China’s advanced technology have been highly praised by all sides. The team is deepening local cooperation and strengthening the effect and impact of the project by selecting another 6 surrounding villages/sites for large-scale demonstration of food crop-dominant production. Later, Wei Xiangxin accompanied Tu Wentao to conduct field trips.


Wei Xiangxin reported to Minister-Counselor Tu the implementation of the project and accompanied Tu to conduct field trips.

bg大游娱乐In the vegetable production section, technician Chen Qihua introduced to Minister-Counselor Tu the scale, types, technology, cost and market of the vegetable production in the park, as well as the recent work. Tu appreciated the effort of the experts who not only did a good job in the demonstration production of the Park, but also offered vegetable seeds to the farmers at Kashamata Village as well as guided vegetable production and sales.


Minister-Counselor Tu inspected the vegetable production area.

In the aquaculture section, expert Zou Deliang responded to Tu’s concern about water supply in the dry season and reported in detail the development of cage fish culture and the new technologies introduced in the local area.


Minister-Counselor Tu inspected the aquaculture section.

bg大游娱乐In the livestock production section, Tu inspected the production of pigs, cattle, sheep and poultry. “You panelists have made a big difference through this mode of technical aid, a mode worth of local extension; your endeavor have not only made the livestock production in the Park impressive, but also driven the production of surrounding farmers”, Tu said pleasantly to expert Jin Xiangyun after recognizing that the panelists had achieved the goal of quadrupling the output value of livestock and poultry within one year and made positive impact on the production of surrounding farmers.


Minister-Counselor Tu inspected the livestock production section.

After the inspection, Tu gave a positive feedback on the achievement by the expert panel, and earnestly hoped for greater contribution to guaranteeing food security of the host country through the panel’s strengthened cooperation under the current mode, getting rid of difficulties and moving ahead enterprisingly, as well as spread of agricultural demonstration to neighboring area, the demonstration of food crops in particular.


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