Director Yang Yi’s Field Visit to China-Argentina Agricultural Investment Cooperation in Argentina

DATE: 2017-10-11 SOURCE: 农业农村部对外经济合作中心 VIEWS:

bg大游娱乐From August 19 to 26, in order to implement the directions by the heads of state of China and Argentina on strengthening cooperation in agricultural investment, Yang Yi, the Executive Vice Director of the Office of Agricultural Foreign Cooperation and the Director General of FECC went to Argentina as an important member of the 6-member delegation of the International Cooperation Department of MARA, held discussions with Argentina government and visited the project sites recommended by Argentina. Yang Guang, deputy director of the Center Research Institute accompanied the delegation to organize the enterprise forum. During the four-working-day in Argentina, the delegation carried out such activities: visiting the embassy; holding enterprise forum; visiting two project sites; communicating with the provincial authorities in charge of relative projects and discussing the arrangement for the next step etc. Overall, the delegation has completed the scheduled tasks and achieved expected results.

During the forum, Yang Yi communicated with the enterprises and suggested enterprises try to achieve ‘one strategic plan’; focusing on ‘one core market’; understand the ‘two demands’; complete ‘two combinations’; prevent political risks, economic risks as well as natural risks. During the field visit, director Yang Yi had in-depth communication with Argentina delegates on the proposed development model of the project, and proposed that each project should be reasonably judged from three aspects: the feasibility of natural resources, the feasibility of industrial development and the feasibility of economic benefits. During the consultation, Yang Yi fully communicated with Argentina on the issues of sharing information between the two sides; simplifying the bidding procedures for Argentina projects and promoting the promulgation of cooperation policies, all of which played an important role in reaching cooperation intention and pushing forward the work for the next step.

Next, according to the requirements requested by leaders, FECC will give full play to the role of “Office of Agricultural Foreign Cooperation”, coordinate the efforts of all member units to concentrate their support on promoting agricultural cooperation in key countries, continue to track the progress of Argentina projects, assisted in promoting project matching and visited other project sites.


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