FECC Director-General Yang Yi Delivers a Keynote Speech at Global Agricultural Investment Forum

DATE: 2017-12-11 SOURCE: 农业农村部对外经济合作中心 VIEWS:

On October 26, Global Agricultural Investment Forum sponsored by CITIC Group was held in Beijing. Han Jun, Vice Minister of MARA, attended the Forum, along with more than 200 participants including representatives from international organizations such as WFP, FAO, China-Africa Development Fund (CAD Fund), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), from embassies of Brazil, Kazakhstan, and Belarus in China, and from companies such as DuPont Pioneer and Louis Dreyfus, and also experts and scholars from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and China Agriculture University. FECC Director-General Yang Yi delivered a keynote speech titled Opportunities and Challenges of and Measures for International Investment and Cooperation in Agriculture.

bg大游娱乐According to Yang, since the Belt and Road initiative was proposed, China has made great strides in international agricultural investment with an average annual growth rate of 44.7%, making huge contributions to global poverty reduction, food security and the sustainable development of agriculture. Yang pointed out that international agricultural cooperation is faced with golden opportunities considering China is resolute in opening up, the Belt and Road initiative is being rolled out smoothly and efficiently, the rural revitalization strategy continues to be deepened, and the international community is eager for more of such cooperation. Meanwhile, cooperation of this kind encounters such challenges as ineffective implementation of domestic strategies, loopholes in the policy support system, unsatisfactory public services, the rising trend of protectionism in international trade, and the frequent occurrences of investment risks. Against this background, China must seize opportunities and face up to challenges in a proper manner by aligning our strategies, ensuring an effective top-level design and fully understanding the requirements of all related sides. In addition, China needs to leverage the bilateral and multilateral mechanisms, ensure that the aids by the Chinese side promote investment and cooperation, and prevent natural, social and political risks from arising during the process of investment. We should also formulate strategies of investment and cooperation in accordance with the agricultural development foundation and demands in different related regions to guarantee lasting and stable international cooperation in agriculture.


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