Yang Yi Visits Brazilian Soybean Farms and CCCC South America Regional Company

DATE: 2017-12-11 SOURCE: 农业农村部对外经济合作中心 VIEWS:

Mr. Yang Yi, Director-General of the Foreign Economic Cooperation Center (FECC) led a delegation to Brazil on October 20 and visited the soybean farms in Goiânia, Brazil's fourth-largest soybean production area. Yang had cordial exchanges with four local farmers and gained an in-depth understanding of local soybean cultivation, purchasing and trade.

Yang Talking with Four Local Farmers

Yang pointed out that the Chinese companies to invest in Brazilian agriculture should start from enhancing trade with Brazil and focus on such crucial links in the industrial value chain of soybean as the input of capital goods and capital, and warehousing and logistics. They should work with local farmers to maximize the profits. The Brazilian farmers welcome Chinese companies to Brazil for cooperation on the soybean industry  ,and are ready to continue to explore China’s market and expand the agricultural trade between the two countries.

Yang Pointing Out during Talks with the Farmers the Necessity of Chinese Companies Enhancing Trade with Brazil and Cooperation with Local Farmers

On the morning of October 21, Yang went to the headquarter of the China Communications Construction Company Ltd ( CCCC ) South America Regional Company for an in-depth exchange with Chang Yunbo, president of this company. Yang was given a detailed introduction of the progress made in implementing the project of grain transportation in the Port of Santos, the plan for the next step, and the difficulties facing the company during the process of going global.

Yang Talking with President of the CCCC South America Regional Company Chang Yunbo
about the Project of Grain Transportation in the Port of Santos

Yang pointed out that the project is of great significance for improving the construction of grain logistics in Brazil by Chinese companies and that it should be incorporated into the mechanism of agricultural cooperation as a top priority. He also introduced in detail China’s policies and measures for Chinese agriculture going global.


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